Plywood Material: How to Use It in Interior Design?

Plywood is a lightweight and cheaper alternative to hardwood. It even comes with water-proof and moisture-resistant options for living spaces like in the kitchen. Plywood can be used on walls, ceilings, and furniture. However, some prefer it painted, while others prefer the aesthetics of bare plywood. A bare plywood finish adds a natural flair to a room. Here’s how you can use plywood in your interiors.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can be notoriously expensive because of several factors such as materials, installation, customization, and replacements. Plywood is cheap, water-resistant, and a 10 mm thick plywood comes with equal strength as solid wood. It’s also less likely to shrink because of its layered construction.


Bare or finished concrete walls have been a trend in interior design. Exposed surfaces add a rustic industrial feel to an interior. The look would even become stunning if paired with plywood. It will create an amazing contrast, addition of nature and a representative of modern living.


Birch plywood for flooring is a perfect alternative to laminated floors. Split up large plywood sheets into squared patterns, which you can use to create a specific image on the floor. However, you should avoid using plywood on both floors and ceiling simultaneously as it creates an illusion of rooms being smaller. Besides floors, you can use plywood to create a platform bed that will fit into your interiors seamlessly.


If a stretch-on ceiling doesn’t seem to work with your interiors, you can try a plywood ceiling. It’s easy to install and doesn’t need additional finishing. You can choose highly water-resistant plywood if you’re installing the ceiling in a moist or wet environment. The only downside of a plywood ceiling is that thick plywood sheets or plywood with additional geometric design can significantly lower your room’s height.

Fabric panels

If you’d like to improve your interiors’ acoustic property, you can use fabric panels on plywood. You first install plywood on the walls of your selected room, then fix fabric panels. This could be in a music room or home studio where you need the best acoustic properties within the interior.

Plywood can be put in various functions, from using it on furniture to improving the acoustic properties of a room to putting vinyl branding on plywood surfaces. You can check out the Tylko’s article on five designer plywood furniture for inspiration:

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